AI Powered Digital & Influencer Marketing

Krono is an AI assisted marketplace that matches brands with social media influencers through machine learning, transparent data & creative genius.

KRONO provides brands, influencers and advertising agencies with actionable insights and predictive intelligence to maximize their ROI. We help brands across various verticals create a data-driven marketing approach to discover, engage and measure the most authentic influencers for your brand.

KRONO for Brands & Advertising Agencies

Data Driven, Measurable, Award Winning Influencer Campaigns


Find and filter for the most relevant and authentic influencers that match your brand. We begin with a deep discovery of your company, your audience, & your industry.


We reach out to the top influencers for your brand to help manage & schedule your next campaign, using our database of 100M+ contacts.

Measure/Gain Insights

Measure the true reach of campaign by looking at the psychographics and results of the engaged influencers. We use an iterative approach, testing everything, and optimizing your campaign so that it’s constantly improving.

KRONO For Influencers And Creators

Receive opportunities to work with the leading and emerging brands in every vertical. We’ll match you with the perfect brand for your audience and ensure you never give up your authenticity.

Monetization Opportunities

Get notified instantly about new campaigns that match your style and audience.

Campaign Offers

Receive offers from brands when they agree to a rate. Complete the campaign with the help from us and the brand!

Social Insights And ROI Management

Track your influencers mentions in real time, measure aggregated mentions, engagements, true reach and $ ROI.

How It Works

Provide opportunities to work with the top trending influencers in every vertical. We’ll match you with the perfect influencers for your audience and ensure you never give up your brand authenticity.

Hashtag And Image-based Interest Search For Any Niche.

We review and filter a list of your most ideal influencers using our database of 100M+ posts, images and hashtags based on your brands location and demographics.

Insights Into Influencer’s Audience

We use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze public images and your social media account to match their demographics. No more spending marketing dollars on the wrong audience!


Competitor Analysis And Fraud Detection

We analyze content uploaded by influencers to see real users vs. suspicious and to view who your competitors are working with. You can avoid working with the bots and spam accounts.







similar influencers: 3.92%


similar influencers: 0.03%

9% Suspicious followers

similar influencers: 14%

Deep Data And Analytics

We integrate with the top social platforms APIs
to gain deep data on users and their behaviour.
We stay platform agnostic and focus on consumer
attention in the moment. Current platforms include
Instagram. Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter,
Twitch and TikTok (coming soon).

Ready For Data Driven Marketing & To Start
Maximizing Your ROI With KRONO?